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Senior Move Management


We will assist with the downsizing process prior to the move. This includes sorting and tagging items to be moved, donated, estate sale, or set aside for garage sale or items to be shipped to various family members. This also includes assistance with the floor plan at the new residence.

packing services

Whether you need help packing that one special set of china or your entire household, let the professionals at Morey’s Moving handle all your packing concerns. You can rest assured that your precious belongings will arrive safely to their new home.

cleaning services

We offer full cleaning services if a final clean is needed at the old residence or pre-cleaning is needed at the new residence.

unpacking services

Morey’s will unpack and place items in their designated location at the new residence and remove all debris.

Set Up Your New Home

The professionals at Morey’s Moving will make beds, hang pictures or anything the client requests to make the first night in their new home as comfortable as possible.

Handyman Services

For those projects that need to be completed before the sale or at your new home.